The Life of a Babe

Madison just turned three months old 2 days ago. Three months old!!! Can you believe that?!?! It’s a little hard for me to believe… I feel like she’s been here forever, in some ways, yet I also feel like she was just born a few days ago. I love watching her grow, but it’s bittersweet. I’m so eager to see who she will be but at the same time… I love everything about her right now.


Any way! Here is what the schedule of a breastfed 3 month old and a stay-at-home-mom looks like:

10:30: Wake up! In my shallow sleep, I have felt Maddie Summer kicking around and moving for a few minutes and realized she isn’t just getting comfy in her sleep, she’s waking up for the day. We will probably lay around for a few more minutes talking, cuddling and kissing. She normally isn’t hungry right now because she, for whatever reason, has been waking up 30 minutes or so after eating.

After we make it out of bed, we get changed into a new diaper and a new outfit. Then while Mads spends some time in her bouncy seat, I will brush my teeth, eat a quick breakfast, etc, and just get woke up… If she allows it! Most days she doesn’t mind to sit down as long as she can watch a little bit of the Baby First channel or watch me, and if she has her paci. Some days she’s fussy-butt and I have to carry her around everywhere.

11:30: Her morning nap time. It’s like clockwork, every morning, about an hour after she wakes up, she’s ready to go back to sleep. This is normally when I water my flowers and plants outside. When I make it back in, most days I give in and have a little morning nap of my own.

12-12:30: Wake up from our nap. Mads will want to eat (she still eats only on one breast) and then she will get a diaper change. She only takes about 5 minutes to nurse. I got extremely lucky and have a baby girl who latched on the first time she ever tried and she gets what she wants out of me and we’re done!

1: We will do tummy time. Lately she doesn’t like it. Yesterday, she was so aggravated about being on her belly, tried to roll over!!!!! I was ecstatic! she had one little arm tucked down and the other pushing and her knee bent and her little foot just kicking! She was not liking tummy time at all. She never minded it before. During tummy time today she started to fuss and cry a little bit so we only stayed for about 2 minutes.

1:30-2: She’ll take a nap anywhere between these times. She’ll probably only sleep for thirty minutes or so.

2:30: Time to eat again. She eats pretty frequently lately. Sometimes every hour. I think it might be a 3-month-old thing. I believe she’s going through a bit of a growth spurt. After eating, she gets another diaper change and we will probably look around her nursery. She has an owl nursery and we have lots of different owls everywhere. There’s a red one that is her (ahem, my) favorite and she will stare at him forever!

3: I have started working out lately, so while I work out, she will be in her bouncy seat and either watch Baby First TV or watch mommy.

3:45: After I cool down for a few minutes, we will walk around the house, look out windows, play with some toys.

4: Boob time & diaper change.

4:15: Nap time for Maddie Summer, computer/crochet/food time for mommy. I generally snack on and off throughout the day since breastfeeding makes me so freaking hungry! I eat more than my fiance, I swear I do.

5:30: Wake up, eat, diaper change. We walk around the house a lot and look outside a lot so we will probably do this again. We go outside every other day as well. She LOVES to go outside! She just can’t see enough!

6:45- 7: Eat, diaper change. We visit my grandparents, her great-grandparents, some time every day. Normally around 7. I plan this so that I can watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with them, haha!

8: We go back home for bath time! Mads always gets a bath some time between 8 and 9 every night.

9:30: Eat, and she will probably take her last cat nap. She hangs out in her bouncy seat a lot at night so that she knows it’s a less active/more boring time. We talk to her, but not as excitingly or loud.

10: Wake up, get a diaper change, and eat.

10:30-11: She will go to sleep for the night. She normally sleeps for a 3.5 to 4 hour stretch that first time.  I will go to sleep around 1 or so, sometimes I stay up until she wakes up to eat.

2: Eat

5: Eat

7:30-8: Eat

10: Eat

And then we start all over 🙂 This just an average day. Of course hours may be off by a little bit, our schedule isn’t THAT strict, but this is mostly what our days look like unless we have a visitor or get out of the house.



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