Hear those bells ringing?

I sure do. Know why?

I went into David’s Bridal with Elisha, tried on four or five gowns, and found. my. dress.

I am ABSOLUTELY freaking OUT! I’m so excited! We may not be having a wedding for 16 months but I don’t care! I couldn’t have imagined a dress that suits me more. 🙂

This dress.

This sash.

A flower crown.

Gold TOMS/flats.





Wedding Dress Shopping

Tomorrow my best friend, Elisha, and I are going wedding dress shopping!!! Yeeee! I’m so excited. It’s going to be just us. 🙂 This is bittersweet. I was hoping my mom would be able to go with us, but there have been a few issues lately and she isn’t going to be able to go.

We are, however, taking miss Maddie Summer with us. I’m excited to get her out of the house… We hardly ever go anywhere except to visit my grandparents. Plus, I love showing her off. 😉 We may be taking a four day/three night trip soon with her so I’d like to prepare he a little bit for it.

Since I breastfeed, I’m a little nervous about taking her out when I’ll be trying on the dresses, so I think I’m going to pack a bottle. I just hope she won’t be picky about the temperature since the temperature is always just right when it’s “straight from the tap.”

Here are the two dresses I’m definitely trying on!

Regular $499, sale price $249

Regular $1028, sale price $449

The first dress is one Brian and I agree is beautiful. His idea of beautiful and entirely different than mine, so this was MAJOR. The second dress has been in my wedding Pinterest board for over a year, before we even became engaged.

Brian’s idea of a beautiful wedding dress is bright white, strapless, tight fitting, flare/ballgown. My idea of a beautiful wedding dress is ivory/antique white/off white, lace, a-line, quirky sleeves. I love a dress that looks like it has a little bit of history to it. I want our wedding to have a warm, vintage feel. There are a couple of other dresses I’m going to be trying on, but those are the two I’m really loving.

Check out my Very Rose Wedding Pinterest board!

Themes and colors I’d like for our wedding include lace, pearls, gold, teal, branches, dahlias, camellias, peach/blush, antique/aged white, grey, organic, natural, vintage, homey-feel, and moss.

We are having a fall wedding, and oddly enough, I hate traditional fall weddings. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year (I always joke about moving to that one place in California that “stays fall all year”) and I love everything about it. But a fall wedding doesn’t have to be fall themed! I want the beautiful leaves to be our canvas, our background. I want the red, orange and yellow to be the bokeh in our photos. I don’t want leaves and twine and fruit for the table toppers and centerpieces. I’m not all traditional, I like a little quirkiness. 🙂

There’s so much more to a wedding than I realized… I keep forgetting about so many little things. Luckily, Elisha is like, wedding-obsessed (no really, she knows every neckline, every dress shape, designers I’ve never heard of, venues around the state, and the best and latest trends) so she will be straight up with me on what looks good, what looks awful, and what I’m forgetting. Did I mention she’s also my maid of honor? 🙂

Alright… I guess that’s my blurb for the day. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight, I’m so excited to go try on some dresses!!