Influenster VoxBox – Reese’s Spreads REVIEW

Before I say anything, I gotta admit – I was totally reluctant to even open the Reese’s Spreads that I told Brian to go ahead and open for me. I didn’t even want to open the package, and I’m like a wild, overly excited dog toward the mailman when I get a package in the mail. I was reluctant because I’m so in love with Nutella, and I have this strange loyalty to everything, even foods and companies. Will the owners of Nutella even know if I try a competing spread? Likely not. But do I dearly love everything that Nutella is? Absolutely.

BUT. I tried it. And I have to say:




Okay seriously. I’m so mad I ever even thought about not trying the deliciousness that is Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. Seriously. Reese’s Cups are my all time favorite candy and it’s honestly like Reese’s took a Reese’s Cup, blended it up and stuck it in a jar. That’s probably what they actually did. And then sold it. And made people like me go nuts.

The serving size is 2 tablespoons but I’m all over here like, half a tablespoon on my strawberry please, eat 12 strawberries, 6 tablespoons later……….

Anwyay! So obviously my review is that this stuff is freaking delicious and I.. might.. likeitbetterthannutella. Maybe. I haven’t decided yet. I plan on trying them one after the other to actually see. But just to give you an idea, I got my VoxBox a little over a week ago and my Reese’s Spreads jar is almost empty. #shame

Ugh and now I’m craving it. Brb, have to go finish off that jar….



Influenster VoxBox – Ivory 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash REVIEW

I’ve been on Influenster since July 2nd of last year (almost a year!) and I’ve received three VoxBoxes. I haven’t reviewed any of the products I’ve received anywhere besides the Influenster website, but I’d like to start, so here goes!

A month or so ago, I got the Ivory 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash VoxBox in the mail. It came with the 2-in-1 and a coupon for $(I forgot how much) off. It looks like:

It costs $3.47 at Walmart. I used it a few times to get a good feel for it. Being a new mom, I have to take quick showers if I’m home alone, and most of the time even if someone is watching her and she isn’t hanging out in her vibrating bouncy seat, snoozing away in the bathroom corner. So there’s one pro: Makes showering quicker. If you’re in a real hurry (ex., you breastfeed, don’t have any unfrozen milk, are in the shower, alone, your babe wakes up and is hungry… yikes) you can just rinse your hair out, scrub a little here and there and wherever needed, and your super quick shower is over and you got the goods clean.

Another pro: as a body wash, it smells soooooo goooooood. Like, heavenly. And a con: as a shampoo, it smells.. alright. Isn’t that weird? Delicious smelling body wash, average smelling shampoo? Well that’s how it is, for me at least.

Pro: made my skin feel clean and silky smooth, didn’t feel like I couldn’t get it all rinsed off like some body washes do (didn’t leave residue).

Con: And this is the biggest one for me. It left my hair feeling weird and plastic-y… You know the texture I’m talking about? Like you just took a shower in really hard water? We don’t really have hard water, but I’ve experienced this with several shampoos. It made my hair hard to comb out, was a little tangly, and it had that weird plastic-y texture. Because of this I don’t wash my hair with it anymore – and I did try it in as a shampoo more than once, three times actually, just to test it out again – which defeats the purpose of the 2-in-1. I do still use it as a body wash and, throwing another pro: it’s a gentle body wash. I am sensitive to body washes with strong fragrances so I was really pleased that I could use something than a plain ole Dove bar of soap. 🙂

So, overview:

PRICE:$3.47 at Walmart – reasonable, average

Makes showering quicker
Smells great as a body wash
Smooth skin with no residue
Gentle on sensitive skin (for me at least)

Average smelling shampoo
Made my hair a weird texture

Would recommend for new moms, would probably brush it off for anyone else
Not on my buy list
Enjoying using it while I have it

So, I hope you got something out of my review! Thanks for reading and tell me if you got this one or use this product and what you think. 🙂