Hello Internet World!

Hi there! I’m Autumn. You can learn some basic info about me and my family on the sidebar! I’m a photographer and a mommy to Maddie Summer. My fiance is Brian and we are the Roses. 🙂

Well… I am not quite a Rose yet, but I will be! October of next year, to be exact. I can’t wait!

Here are some better introductions to our little family…


This is Maddie and I! Some quick facts about us… We love breastfeeding! I collect vintage and antique cameras, and Madison collects jam – finger jam, toe jam, neck jam, armpit jam, etc. I am a bit of a crafty old lady and a bit of a DIY queen. I love to crochet, scrapbook, plant and grow flowers and basically anything else artistic. I also love to build things and make something out of nothing. Maddie hates to take naps, Mommy loves them (and may be part cat, could sleep 18/24 hrs). We have a Mini Schnauzer named Abbey Buttons and a German Shepard named Zorro.


This is Brian, my fiance aka Daddio. He’s hardworking, a family man, crazy about his girls, and my future husband. We are almost exactly opposite, but I think it works. 😉 I’m introverted, he’s extroverted. I’m a bit of a hermit and he’s a social butterfly. He’s a people person and I’m super socially awkward (yet a photographer.. yikes!). He likes modern, sleek, dark, new. I love vintage, antique, rustic, worn out, aged, sentimental. He’s hard headed, impulsive, on the move and I’m patient, a dilly-dally-er, and like to wander. We are entirely different but we click perfectly. I’m glad he’s the other half of our daughter. 🙂

Those are the basics. I’m sure you’ll get to know us a bit more. I will be the only one blogging, but my family is my world, so I will undoubtedly have lots to say about them both. 🙂